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Khaki Hockey Legs

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Having a game day dress code can be a pain in the ass. You aren’t a dress pant type of guy, mainly because it’s a struggle to find a pair to fit properly around those tree trunks you call legs. But when you find a pair that are made from some of the world’s best fabric, that look classy and fit comfortably, on top of being branded for hockey players, now we’re talking. The khaki hockey legs are convenient for just about any situation you find yourself in.

  • Men's Jogger Chinos
  • 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex Chino Twill
  • Hybrid Ribbed Waistband
  • Stick Pattern Inner Pocket Bag Design
  • Outer Seam Finished with 1/4" Wide Double Folded Binding
  • Length Inseam Measures 32"
  • Model is 6'2 wearing size Large
  • Style guide - Cuffs folded or down, your choice.